These images are not renderings, they are artistic collages of what Goal Park could become.

Coming to East Downtown in 2026

Houston's next signature park

Reimagining 7-blocks of the Columbia Tap Trail to showcase the East End.

Your Team

Goal Park Foundation is a non-profit organization working for the community to enhance seven blocks on the Columbia Tap Trail into a thriving, innovative, natural, sports, and cultural park (“Goal Park”). The park will start at Emancipation Avenue (opposite Shell Energy Stadium) and end at the Rail Line at McKinney Street

The Goal

Our goal is that Goal Park at the Columbia Tap Trail becomes a destination and unifying linear park for residents, activity enthusiasts, and our community at large. Our idea isn't new, its been done successfully in New York with the Highline, Chicago with The 606, and Atlanta with the Beltline. But our goal is to do it bigger and better, because we are Houston.

The Process

Goal Park Foundation has engaged Bowman, a renowned architectural firm with a team of handpicked landscape architects to translate the community wishes and input into an inspiring design.  The possibilities are exciting, especially because the World Cup is coming to Houston in 2026.

Your Park

In it's essence Goal Park is for the community. We need everyone's help, input, and suggestions to inform the vision and make it a reality.  Submit your ideas, suggestions, and feedback below.

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